Wolves have terrified and mystified us, their howls echoing through the words of our fairy tales, the texts of our stories, and the deepest crevices of our imaginations. Wolf Warriors presents a diverse collection of artwork, poetry, essays, and short stories, featuring bestselling author David Clement-Davies and award-winning artist Lauren Strohacker. This anthology captures the various faces of the wolf: from the fantastic to the horrific, from the snow-capped mountain peaks to the moonlit lake in the trees. The howls of these warriors will make you smile, make you cry, and, most of all, make you want to raise your own howl to join the chorus. Featuring best-selling author David Clement-Davies and award-winning artist Lauren Strohacker. Also including: Catherynne Valente, Adrian Lilly, Dominique Goodall, John Noland, Linda Palmer, Pierluigi Pavano, Shannon Barnsley, and more!

Check out my story, "Storm!" A young girl discovers inner strength through protecting wolves from an animal-hating father. When the tumultuous forces above tear at those she loves, she will find her newfound strength tested in more ways than she could have imagined. The storm is coming.

Published 2014!

"Thirteen," features seven authors with their bewitching tales of spells, wolfy rivals and trouble! It's perfect for a little full moon spooking!

You will find my story, "Curse of the Witch," within the pages of this anthology!

Published 2013.

"Angel's Among Us," is an angel anthology filled with angels who protect and guide us all. Fifteen different stories written by fourteen different authors.

Check out my story, "The Angel I Belong To."

When Lara meets Daniel, thanks to his dog Jack, for the first time in h
er life, she feels like she can trust and depend on someone. But can Lara retrieve those feelings after finding out Daniel's secret?

Published 2012.

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"A Home for the Holidays," is a book filled with the warmth and spirit of Christmas, with twelve different stories, by twelve different authors.

You can find my story, "An Aussie Christmas," within this book.

Published 2011.

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