Ghost Wolf

Genre: Paranormal | Romance | Young Adult

Unofficial Summary!

After being sent off to boarding-school, NYC girl, Harper Kates finds herself lost by an old swamp. When she begins seeing strange blurring movements, she blames delusions of the long drive, only to wake in the morning to news headline reporting on a murder by the old swamp.

A particular wolf seen in the area, nicknamed the ‘Ghost Wolf,’ is suspected to be the culprit, yet again.

Once in Tacoma, Harper expects boarding-school to be her worst nightmare. Things are made worse when her boyfriend of eight months breaks up with her. But then, she meets, Kaiden Markwell and his raven, Hugo.

Harper soon learns her boarding school isn’t so boring, but filled with danger of being unconditionally loved by the Ghost Wolf, while under threat by his rivals. What happens when all goes wrong and, Harper is loured into a trap?

Expected Release: Spring 2014

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